Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not So Picture Perfect

 Ok Ok, so my pictures are not the greatest and having no camera person (the boyfran) is even worse because at least I knew I was centered and the pictures were taken on a good angle. But no this time I had my tripod now I thought it would be easier... but wrong again! So bare with me until I get the hang of it? :)

Today I decided to wear the all white combo and added a printed scarf for some color.  I have been finding myself obsessed with cheetah print, who's with me?  

T-shirt: J.crew  Shorts: Hollister Scarf: J.crew Sandasl: Target Bracelts: J.crew and Forever 21 Sunglasses: Prada

 Happy Tuesday!


  1. I just bought a pair of cheetah print flats to add to my animal print addiction!

  2. I have some too, you never have enough :)

  3. Great style!

    Love Emma

  4. loving your scarf!! jcrew always has the best leopard print : )

    xo SideSmile,

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