Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stay Cool

 I have been all about the brights lately and decided that it was time for a little change at least for a day and went back to the basic neutrals. These shorts are super soft and fit just right. I got them from Forever 21, last year for about 12 dollars. I forgot how great they were, I seem to do that a lot. I buy more and more and forget I have great things in my closet that I could reuse. (HELLO)

Anyways, I went to the movies yet again…have any question on any movies that's out in theatres and I could probably answer them for you. I went and saw Brave with the siblings and it was such a great movie. I enjoyed it and even my 19-year brother liked it!  So that says something.

 Top: Forever 21 Shorts with belt: Forever 21 Sandals: Target

 The Boyfran and the pup, how cute! :) Lovin' the summer nights

On a side note if you live in Illinois be careful, stay hydrated and cool, today is the hottest day to date with a whoppin’ high of 101°
Happy Thursday!

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