Thursday, June 21, 2012

Keepin' It Real.

I have had tons of questions from people wanting to start a blog but don't know  what to blog about. & my answer to you is make your little piece on the internet even if you have a reader or two, it's simply an outlet where you share what YOU want.It can be anything from fashion to life to food and relationships. Everything slowly but surely will make it's obvious path to what you love to blog about. Take a chance...why not? 

To start off, I love love the shorts I am wearing. I could literally wear them with anything and everything. From bright colors to dark. Blazers or tanks...the list goes on but most of all they are comfy. Now we know that I am all about being comfy. I know, I know "Beauty is pain" but I rather save those for the there-is-literally-no-other-way-but-pain option. 

Simple sheer shirt with some linen shorts and I am ready to go. :)
Top: Ann Taylor Tank: J.crew Shorts: J.crew Sandals: Target Bracelets: Forever 21 & Target

Love the big ol' trees in my neighborhood. Don't mind the cars! 
Happy Thursday!


  1. i love your leoparD short dear

    1. Aw thank you doll, they were on sale too :)

  2. I'm loving those shorts!! And I'm all about the comfy! Working with toddlers every day in a building so old there isn't any AC, I'm all about comfy but cute looking shorts!

    1. Yes comfy and stylish is the way to go! And o my, I hope you guys have tons of water to stay hydrated! Especially if your'e running around with tods, it must be hard work!

  3. cute shorts, follow each other?

  4. Gorgeous outifit! And I really love your view on blogging. :)


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