Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chicago: Beach Day

Hey! I feel like I am giving you all an insight to where I live and I quite enjoy it really. Maybe one day, YOU will come (Don't forget to let me know) And if you already live here, you probably enjoy these same things I do! 
Like the beach! Yes, over the weekend I enjoyed the lovely weather with one of my closest friends. 
  The view only 5 minutes away from the apartment.

 (My friend Carmina and I catching some rays and dippin' in the cold water of Lake Michigan.)

My Bathing Suit: Victoria's Secret Pink Sunglasses: Merona Necklace& Earrings: Tiffany and CO (Target) Carmina's Bathing Suit: Target

(Our view. Laying Out.)

Since our day at the beach was so successful, we might go again during the week, if the the weather permits! 
What's your favorite beach? Let me know!

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