Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beach Bag Essentials

I am all about enjoying the day at the beach, but before I became a pro on what to bring the beach. I always seemed to forget something wether it was sunglasses or even sunscreen! But all I have to say is that all these things I have pictured above have made my beach experience great.

Hat, Sunglasses, & Sunscreen- These will all protect you from the sun. I never wore hats but I decided it was time to invest in one and it was helped out (my head wasn't burning!) One tip on the sunnies if you know that you are really bad at losing things don't bring your expensive pair to the beach, I buy my non-expensive ones from Target or AE. (Better safe then sorry! Last but not least sunscreen probably the most important to keep you protected from the UV rays! 
Beach towel- To lay out on and to dry with!
Water bottle- Keeps you hydrated!
Food-( Not listed) But I usually get Subway, it's convenient and good! I also started bringing grapes! Best idea ever!
Entertainment- Magazines and ipod. (Must have for me)
Flip Flops- It is so hard to walk in flip flops in the sand but I can't help it, the sand is way too hot for my feet!
& a Beach bag, of course to keep everything safe! I usually get one with a zipper (just in case)
Oh and one more thing, I try to bring a plastic grocery bag for my wet bathing suit and towel so it doesn't ruin anything else in there!
I hope this helps! & I know super long post today! :)
What are your essentials?  

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  1. Great tips girl, and that towel is awesome!


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