Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Neutrals + Camo

Outfit Details: Keeper Chambray // Madewell sweater // Gap jeans // J.crew flats // J.crew necklace.

My outfit shoots have consisted of being 8 minutes tops! I can't stand it, you can totally tell by my (I'm really really cold but I'm powering through it) smile. Trust me, there's lots of running in place, busting out some dance moves to keep my blood flowing  here in these 8 minutes or so. As well as, my winter jacket and warm boots. The thing is guys, winter has only just begun, we have about 3 more months of coldness. & I've already had enough, Chicago I love you but I love you more when you're bearable to be out in. 

After the holidays, I did some major damage on stocking up on some sweaters since retail is shifting into resort collections. I love seeing the spring clothing items but its hard when we've just had negative degree weather. Anyhow I scored this sweater for less than 30 dollars, I feel so accomplished when I score deals like these. So something to keep in mind, shop at the end of the season for some essentials! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 



  1. Winter is far from over but hopefully the bitter cold has past. Burrr. What a great time for a sweater haul, it looks awesome with the camo and flats. I've been like you when it comes to stepping out for a photos. The smile on our faces may be warm but it's certainly cold outside and too cold for flats.

    1. Yes definitely I can't wait for spring to arrive so we can wear our flats again!



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