Monday, July 22, 2013

This weekend I did....

I am all about less is more, in this case I lived in shorts this whole week, due to the heat wave we had gotten ourselves.

 Frozen Yogurt is my new favorite, I've always enjoyed it but now its serious. I have come to the conclusion that Pinkberry on State St. is my favorite! I love the original tart with some strawberries and granola.
Also, I went to do some grocery shopping at the new market in Old Town called Plum Market, think of it as Whole Foods' younger sister. 
In other scary news I went to go see The Conjuring with my brother,boyfriend and close friends, scary but not so scary that I didn't fall asleep that night...because I did! 

Outfit details: H&M lace top (on sale for $5!!)| J.crew chino shorts| Sperry boat shoes| J.crew bracelet.

Happy Monday!

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