Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grey+ Navy With Dots

Hey there lovelies! My goal before the end of the year is wear things that I have bought and not worn yet. Has that happened to you? You buy something and then you leave it somewhere forgotten? 
Well that's what happened with this shirt here. But I love it, it goes well with my new grey pixie pants from J.crew (favorite pant ever!).

 Cardigan:Forever 21 Shirt:J.crew Pant:J.crew Flats:Tory Burch

 (Close up)


  1. Love the printed shirt. I definitely have a ton of stuff I haven't worn yet, but somehow never have anything to wear :-)

    1. Girl I know right? But my goal is to wear the unworn things I like and then donate the things I know for sure I wont wear next year! And thank you :)


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