Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 Holidays are the best time of the year but also the busiest. I have been all over the place and all I want to do when I get home is go under the covers and hibernate. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about my blog, but there was a mishap over the weekend that made me not want to go up and down the stairs to take outfit pictures. I hurt my knee, don't worry now its minor and should be feeling better in a few days I hope!
As I asked my friend at school to snap a few pictures I realized I had my knee brace on. How fashionable!

(Hold on! Let me take it off. lol)

Blazer:J.crew Tank:Forever 21(recent) Pants:J.crew Shoes:Steve Madden
Watch:Michael Kors

(OK, ready this time!)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Very cute outfit, that blazer and loafers are so cute!! I have a pair of shoes like those, cheetah's always the way to go!

    Stephanie xx


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