Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Already?

 I usually start a countdown for back-to-school...but I am not feeling the need to just yet. The older you get, the faster life goes. It seems like I have only been on vacay for a month but in reality I have been on it for 3 months! I didn't even realize it was August until my mom mentioned it, who knows how long it would take for me to realize it myself! 

Today's outfit consists of a lacey skirt with a fitted shirt from J.crew. I love the feel of these shirts and how stretchy they are. The skirt is from Forever 21 and I had gotten it on sale last year. 

 Happy Thursday! 


  1. you are gorgeous! love your style! do you sell your clothes anywhere? You should! Check out my site Because I shop too much a marketplace to buy, sell, and swap with other bloggers and non bloggers alike! ;) xo -lisa

  2. You are too cute!! love your style! just followed you!


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