Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinspiration: Armcandy

Happy 1st day of May. 
May is such  an exciting month because it means there's no more school, many parties are coming up and of course, summer time. Which means, I will have more time for everything, I have decided that one of many goals this summer is to try to make bracelets, it's time for me to get crafty!
 I have chosen some pictures to depict how I want to rock this trend. It makes me kinda jealous how these girls have some bracelets to die for!

Besides having a ton of bracelets on, the watch adds so much to this fun combo!

 I am definitely loving the chain bracelets and spiked ones too. 

Colorful and pretty, these should be easy to make, if not Forever 21 has some made too!

One thing is for sure I will be ordering a cross bracelet from Etsy, not sure which shop yet. But those bracelets are too cute! 
Do any of you own any serious arm candy? If so, I would love to know what you have!


  1. luv luv luv!!!

    i love these pics, luv this stlye...the watches are to die for. luv chunky aviator-style watches!


  2. Love this!

    Kayleigh. x


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