Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where Is The Warm Weather?

So here's the's April...and we are still in the lower 50's...I was expecting the weather to be a little warmer.This was yesterday's outfit..thankfully the sweater was warm and I thought I would incorporate a bit of spring with the color and scarf. 
I am always about the comfort especially when I go to school
 Just looking at this ^^ picture again makes me laugh. 

Sweater: Ann Taylor Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch Boots: Target 
Accessories: Tiffany & co bracelet,ring and earrings H&M belt and bracelets

You can't tell in the pictures above the detailing of the scarf so I decided to have a close-up. 
Let me know what you think of the OOTD's? 
& How's the weather where you live?


  1. Your sweater is beautiful!!
    In Spain the weather right now is colder than in the winter :S

  2. Aww thank you and the weather has been really crazy. I want nice warm weather! :)

  3. Great shots... the colors complement you nicely! I'm in Washington, DC and the weather is insane. One day I'm in a tank top and the next day I have to wear a trench coat.

    1. I know the weather has been weird lately. Maybe the world is ending lol Hope not :)

  4. nice scarf!

    anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet! 10 sunglasses are up for grabs!

    -Mish :)

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