Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tiffany Blue

 I know what all of you are thinking! But no not yet, my boyfriend did not get me a diamond ring but he got me the best next thing! I was soooo happy when I received it, I almost cried. I have been getting Tiffany's jewelry for about 3 years now. I get a beautiful blue box every anniversary but this year he spiced it up a little and gave me one on my 21st birthday!!! He is the sweetest. & I love him to death, without further ado. 
He was actually so nice to give it to be 2 hours before my birthday! He couldn't bare any longer. 
I always hate ruining that beautiful bow. I wish I knew how to put it back!

Here it is!!! 

Amazing :)

 Since I love cupcakes! My boyfriend took me to SPRINKLES in CHICAGO
         He went to the nearest CVS and got me a candle <3 Well obviously a pack of candles since you really can't get just one and you cant fit 21 candles on here. Although, that would've been cool too.The cupcake is carrot flavor! YUM
                                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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