Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sorry for delaying my blog but so much has happened since my birthday! It was midterm week and let me tell ya it was not too good! To say the least I was late to my psychology midterm, I was about half hour late...mmyea not good. Also I have my birthday party to plan for tomorrow but I am not prepared at all. Instead of being happy, I am stressed out of my mind! Anyway I did go de-stress a little today and got myself some treats meaning I only got some skincare products and accessories.  I was not prepared to go through H&M or Forever 21. That takes 100% dedication! & I was exhausted from everything else 

I got some new skincare product from Philosophy for 35 dollars, if you guys want to know if it works out for me. I will definitely do a review!

 I got more Lush products, I think I want everything from there. So I went ahead and bought one of their best sellers to see what's so great. But I am very intrigued with the texture of this product, again I am a newbie! So if any of you have tried let me know how you liked it!

Ocean Salt $19.95

Aren't these cute! Reminded me so much of Summer! Cannot wait
H&M $5.95

I also got these gold necklace! It was such a good price and obviously it can go with anything! Also please let me know what you guys would like to see. I am open for ideas and positive advice! 

H&M $5.95

Also be on the look out for the after pictures of my little get-together! As well as the few things I ordered online that have not come in yet!

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