Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On my list: Favorites + Wants


Hey there lovelies, I hope everyone had a fab weekend. Mine was great, I went to a festival on Saturday in Lincoln Park got to see a few bands like The Mowglis and Walk the Moon and on Sunday I worked and watched the  Bears game. I didn't have time to get an outfit in this weekend  so I figured  I’d share some of my favorites and wants this Tuesday!

  1)     I recently went shopping to Gap and found the cutest pointed toe flats . I love how comfortable and affordable they are.

  2)     Getting re-adjusted in my apartment means a lot “redecorating” and so far I have added this beauty on my wall!

  3)     I have been wanting to try making “healthy smoothies” but I don’t know which blender to get? This one or this other? Please, if you have any yummy recipes or a certain blender I should try let me know!

  4)     I don’t have an Iphone. SURPRISE! I know everyone has a very high-tech smart phone and I am falling behind. However, it didn’t stop me from buying this cute case! (I figured I’d get one soon… I hope)

  5)     Instagram has been my favorite app for months now. (Hence, why I should get a better phone) I have been loving @karrissamarie and @rachparcell accounts.  & If you don’t follow me already my IG is @lovelyaddictions.

  6)     I have a huge list of the things I want but can’t afford. (I just put 100 dollars into my piggy bank) #thestruggle I can’t help but want this gorg bag for school.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


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