Monday, October 29, 2012

Chevron & Burgundy

 It's time to layer up and stay nice and warm. I like this kinda weather because it only means that the holidays are near. Yea, I know I am kinda crazy mentioning winter holidays when Halloween hasn't even  occurred. But what can I say, I am always thinking ahead.
Although it was very cold out, I decided to be brave and take off my pea coat for a quick photo shoot. To show you all, nonetheless my sequined chevron shirt. I wish I could find more items in this pattern, which happens to be my third favorite other then polka dots and stripes, of course.

 Top: J.crew Pants: H&M Pea coat:Michael Kors(similar style here)
Shoes:Tory Burch Jewelry:J.crew

Happy Monday!


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