Thursday, March 15, 2012


Kate Spade has done it again! Debuting these beautiful watches for all of us to want, need and HAVE! I am absolutely loving the colors of these watches. To buy or not to buy? What do you think? I might have to invest in a watch pronto! Because sadly...I don't own a watch! So I think it's time I buy a watch or two..
cooper strap 
carousel bangle 

  carousel bangle 

However, Michael Kors also has some show-stoppin watches! What do you guys think? Any designer watch owners out there have any opinions? Or are there any cute cheap ones you guys like? Let me know! I am on a WATCH Hunt! :)
 Michael KorsWhite Ceramic Glitz Watch

  Michael Kors Mini-Size Blair Multi-Function Glitz Watch, Rose Golden  

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