Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Saturday!

 Yay for shopping! Yay for getting cute pretty things! So like I said before, I was going to show you all, the things I have bought. I kinda have a feeling, that it would be best to wear certain items, to show exactly what it looks like because of my sucky photography. It does not do it any justice! mmm i'll think about it.

These are my first pair of Sam Edelman shoes! There is a story behind it because I had seen these about a month ago in Bloomingdales and I had been eying them for the longest time. Anyway, when I decided to get them, they were 50% off and the last size!! Perfect makes these shoes even better but here they are. :)

                                               Sam Edelman Adena
                                                    Love the spikes!

                 Next off I got some sperrys!! Perfect for the springtime!
                                                 Plaid Sperrys $30 
By the way, Sperrys usually run from 60 dollars and up but I got them for cheap! Score! Also, if you thinking of gettin' some you have to order a half size smaller they run a little big!

First time at J.crew was great. I liked a lot of the items. But it is on the pricy side so I only bought a shirt and 2 bracelets! I will def. be shopping here soon!
                                          J. crew Chambray Shirt $78 

Off-white bracelet $13 Sea foam bracelet $18

Well what do you know, a surprise visit from my little munchkins! 
It made my day!


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    1. thank you so much! & stay tuned <3 :)

  2. Cool blog! I love a good bit of shopping! I need a shopping trip soon :)

    I'm going to start following you, follow me if you like mine!

    1. Thank you, still a working progress! & I started following you! Love it!

      thank you for the support! :)


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